12 August 2013


As we all know, a sister scent accompanies each hip pocket paperback from Kicks Books. Our first Harlan title, PULLING A TRAIN, features a heady  signature scent called, of course, Sex Gang. Now, with GETTING IN THE WIND, we bring you Sin Time, a nom de parfum pick-pocketed, or shall we say, hip-pocketed, from a featured story in GETTING IN THE WIND.

Our newfangled tradition of Pulp Perfumes has struck the fancy, and piqued the curiosity of a multitude of readers and scentualists. Reading, after all, is a visceral pastime. Eyeballs passing over a page of text can pull every sense to the fore, can raise the hackles, can cause a sweat, can bring tears to the eyes, can raise an army to action. With our promotional line of fragrances, we seek to amplify that physical reading experience with alluring fragrances that evoke the mood of each respective paperback. The scent of a dead-end cat house for Williams' STREETS, the fragrance of "Sally go round the pretty roses" for Tosches SATAN, evocative African nectars for Sun Ra's THIS PLANET IS DOOMED, a dose of  sophisticated boom-boom allure for Ellison's TRAIN... and now a mesmerizing, derelict divination for GETTING IN THE WIND...

Each fragrance in history has had a story of its own, and unraveling the tales behind our own lost favorites may be of interest to KICKS BOOKS readers as well... for instance, The legendary  Narcisse Noir was an inspiration here at Kicks Books in formulating SATURNIA, the Sun Ra fragrance. The Swinging Brakeman Jimmie Rodgers' love for Narcisse Noir was so serious that he carried a flacon in his hip pocket. When he needed relief from the oily locomotive odors, or from his tuberculine cough, a breath of the exotic.

French perfume would transport him instantly to a prcious place in memory. Another inspiration here in the perfume laboratories of Kicks Books is Salvador Dali. Few know that a perfume was created in 1958 in tribute to his 1957 painting Rock And Roll. The name of the scent? Rock And Roll of course! Let's take a look at the fantastic world of Le Golliwogg perfume next month, and other scentsations, as we launch the anticipated first Kim Fowley book LORD OF GARBAGE, together with its eponymous parfum Garbage.

Our in-house fragrances are extrait au fleurs - street-tested, pure floral essences- light moments of magnitude, created in the deliberate, lost tradition of tussie-mussies, flori-dori waters, and the language of flowers, when blossoms and their delicate scents conveyed suggestion beyond words, yet double edged with an attitude that tells the world OFF! Our perfumes are decanted in authentic Italian half ounce Baralan bottles, packaged in signature Kicks Books Co. gift boxes.  We feel that our words on paper, combined with the elusive wordlessness of signifying fragrances create a world unto itself.. a place they call Monde Du Kicks... Mondo Kicks... Kicksville USA....

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