03 June 2015

Tiger Moody w/ Luc Sante June 25 NYC Book Blast

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What happens when a Luc Sante inducts a Tiger Moody into authordom at the infamous NYC women's prison court house on the anniversary of one of the joint's most famous murder cases? One might respond loudly, "MAYHEM!" Join us in this open rally at historicJefferson Market Courthouse a/k/a Jefferson Market Library NYPL on Thursday, June 25. The event is free of charge and is open to the public. Doors are at 7. Proceedings at 7:30. Limited space. Books and perfumes will be available for sale and signing. The authors are prepared for cross examination. INDUCTION OF THE SYCOPHANT, shall we refer to it shortly as IOTS, is a hip-pocket paperback fictional tale set in the anti-comics nightmare alley days of yore, with characters drawn (and quartered) from the Frederic Wertham Supreme Court news reel atrocities. Moody has been described by beat poet/Zap Comix granddad Charles Plymell as follows: "Tiger brings back the Times Square of Burroughs and Huncke…his lines are full of anticipation, like balloons in comic frames going off in time release blasts os Dexedrine spansule. Brilliant!" Killer writer Luc Sante will induct Herr Moody this night, and shall expound on crime, comics, and courthouses . Sante is the mind behind masterpiece including LOW LIFE: LURES AND SNARES OF OLD NEW YORK, EVIDENCE and KILL ALL YOUR DARLINGS.
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Here is the first new act of writing with the ability to force the reader into the streets to shout HELP… the first new printed effort to deliver total mayhem and ritual ruthlessness, remolding 20th century popular culture into its original dead-end slur... Tiger Moody weaves his deadeye polemic with a cynical charm reserved for a darker, better era. Join us in celebrating the publication of INDUCTION OF THE SYCOPHANT, the greatest new book since the Gypsy Witch Book Of Numbers.
"Having 'Induction of the Sycophant' next to 'The Red Book' of Carl Jung and the 'Codex Seraphinianus' by Luigi Sarafini completes my Trilogy of Insanity...in spades."
Richard Lloyd, Television
"Moody is the best thing to happen to writing since I figured out you can cop a buzz huffing correction fluid."
Gillian McCain, Please Kill Me
"Moody has the nerve to confront the reader with the notion that the old farts and witch hunters may have really been onto something, and that lives may have been ruined. Then he further goads the reader to perseverate over whether they should even give a shit."
Adam Woodrow Nathanson, Born Against
"A very good writer...I am happy that he doesn't DRAW cartoons! He doesn't, does he?"
Arnold Roth, Trump/ Humbug/ Help!
Tiger by James Harvey
Tiger Moody by James Harvey
Photo: Avedon Studio
Tiger Moody was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1971 and reared in the suburbs of Trenton, New Jersey. His past occupations have included fry-cook, tattooist, bouncer, and janitor. He lives in New York City and has not visited a dentist since 1987.


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SYCOPHANT PERFUME An arrogant, impetuous concoction with an undefinably defiant flair. An interfusion of lily of the valley and must, it is set to intrigue all comers. Bottled in a half ounce Italian flacon with a pair of red gamblers dice and enrobed in black crepe within a numbered presentation box. Lovely for gifting at Beltane and all occasions, and most suitable for anyone in or out of a red velvet swing.
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Join us at the BLACK AND WHITE BAR after the library throws everyone out for libations and loud records, the kind that continues to make comic book kids even crazier and more prone to antics. The Black and White is located at 86 East 10th Streetbetween 3rd and 4th Avenues, New York, NY 10003
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