16 September 2013



Dateline: Kicksville ... HELL HAS FROZEN OVER!

Great shakin' fever- can it be -- Kicks Books appearing instantly on your space age electronic reader? Would Nostrodamus have dared to predict such an event? Is this now the end of our beautiful analog world? Not if we can help it! In fact, we're counting on the Kindle editions luring in the curious, and snapping them into our lair of our "hip pocket paperbacks". Read them on the fly when the mood strikes, and then order up the real deal, which will arrive in a plain brown wrapper, printed with ink on paper, on noisy gear-driven presses that run day in and day out, printing, trimming, binding.. just so that your hip pocket mind stays well greased and churning. Get your Kindle Kicks now... then learn the joy of anticipation, knowing that a flippable hip pocket edition is finding its way to you via the miracle of the US Postal Service. Kindle + Kicks = a double shot of inimitable originals at word warp speed!
GONE MAN SQUARED by Royston Ellis

Royston Ellis was THE paperback writer- the rockin' rhymer who set the big BEAT in motion in the UK!
PULLING A TRAIN by Harlan Ellison
The rarest, wildest, and most genre-bustin' street fiction from the king of them all!
GETTING IN THE WIND by Harlan Ellison
The switchblade sister to PULLING A TRAIN- an irresistably savage dead end blast of early short stories!
Never published doomsday poems from our favorite Saturn-fueled genius!
SWEETS by Andre Williams Here's the book that started the Kicks kingdom of hip pocket paperbacks rolling- semi-sweet morsels of streetwise raunch stewed into one massive novel plus poems and prose sure to set the wires afire!
Dig all the marvellous mayhem at the Kicks Books website and stay on top of happenings at our Kicks Books blog, too!
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Kim Fowley Book Launch Oct 5 in Los Angeles!




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Kicks Books and La Luz De Jesus Gallery / Soap Plant present an event…
Saturday Oct. 5th 7 pm – A Book Blast with Author Kim Vincent Fowley!
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La Luz de Jesus Gallery
and Soap Plant
4633 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90027
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Garbage Perfume
Born in 1939 to actor parents, Los Angeles native Kim Fowley came of age while still in the single digits, forced to grow up as a footnote to his parents’ own Tinsel Town aspirations. A child of genius and neglect, he grew up with an innate drive to survive and thrive. His incredible storytelling comes to life in this first volume of his GARBAGE trilogy. LORD OF GARBAGE starts out with his earliest memories, and cajoles the reader through a brambled youth punctuated with disaster and success.
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One Man's Garbage
Self-expression first took the form of poetry for Kim- rhythm and rhyme- the heartbeat of Hollywood’s desolate mayhem—pulses through his words with an attitude and honesty that few writers ever claim.
In music, Kim’s solo work spans 28 LP’s and his production credits as producer and/or writer begins in 1959 with the blast instrumental “Charge” by the Renegades, which was followed up by the iconic million-seller Alley Oop by the Hollywood Argyles and the mesmerizing mega-hit Popsicles and Icicles by the Murmaids. His discography runs into hundreds of records, compositions, and productions on multiple continents, and he has earned of roomfuls of gold and platinum records.
Kim comes into his own as an author with LORD OF GARBAGE, a revealing look into the life of one of the true giants of the American music industry.
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Another Man's Gold
Join Kim’s minions at L.A’s legendary bookstore and art gallery to hear Kim read and speak about his poetry, his prose, and the life that fueled his wild ride.
Pick up LORD OF GARBAGE (Kicks Books), Kim’s limited and exclusive signature perfume GARBAGE, and three volumes of his revered early rarities on Norton Records-- ONE MANS GARBAGE; ANOTHER MAN’S GOLD; and his new collection KING OF THE CREEPS.
DJ legend HOWIE PYRO will introduce KIM FOWLEY on this very special evening. Mr. Pyro is the host of INTOXICA RADIO, and has featured Mr. Fowley’s music on each episode of his popular radio program.
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King Of The Creeps
Kim’s LORD OF GARBAGE is the first of three volumes of his autobiographical writings, presented as “hip pocket paperbacks”. The second volume, PLANET PAIN, is due from Kicks books in Spring 2014. LORD OF GARBAGE is now available as a Kindle edition for the unlucky few who are unable to attend this once in a lifetime in-person evening with the author.
Kicks Books is an independent publisher based in Brooklyn NY, whose "hip pocket paperback" line features titles by music legends Kim Fowley, Andre Williams, Sun Ra, journalist and novelist Nick Tosches, British beat hero Royston Ellis and American road poet laureate Charles Plymell.
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Kicks Books Website
Kicks Books Blogspot
For more information about Kim Fowley, Lord and Garbage and Kicks Books, contact Paige Turner. 
917-671-7884 or 718-789-4438 
For more information about this event, La Luz de Jesus and Soap Plant, contact Lee Joseph. 
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By Kim Fowley
Kicks Books must be gluttons for punishment for publishing Kim Fowley’s First Book of a 3 Volume series that features Sex, Death, Dope, & Violence as its basis. Don’t worry folks, Lust & No Love is also covered. Notorious for his Bad Behavior Kim Fowley has launched LORD OF GARBAGE from his Battered Loins to your Soon-To-Be Shattered Body & Soul. Expect yourself to be abused by these Terrible Tales of 30 years of Torture, from 1939-1969. Sickened by his Big Orange Childhood Damage. KF gets even on the printed page, with the Ghosts Of Hollywood, who left him for dead in The Vinyl Jungle. The Canyons of Your Mind’s War Crimes, will drive all you crazies wild. You can find Kim Fowley’s name on Liner Notes/Set Lists/& Label Copy of His works, recorded and/or performed by such Household Names as: The Hollywood Argyles, B. Bumble & The Stingers, The Murmaids, Paul Revere & The Raiders, Manfred Mann, The Seekers, Cat Stevens, Steppenwolf, The Byrds, NRPS, Flying Burrito Brothers, Sir Douglas Quintet, Kris Kristofferson, ELP, BTO, Leo Kottke, Stars On 45, KISS, Alice Cooper, Blue Cheer, The Runaways, Leon Russell, Dead Boys, Germs, Helen Reddy, Van Halen, Wayne Newton, Gene Vincent, Herman Brood, The Mothers Of Invention, The Seeds, Wildman Fisher, Soft Machine, Motley Crue, The Leather Nun, Nirvana, Teenage Fan Club, BMX Bandits, Them aka Belfast Gypsies= Minus Van Morrison & Guitar/Bass (Keyboard/Drummer remain the same). , British Lions (formerly Mott The Hoople Minus Ian Hunter), Rose Garden, 45 Grave, Venus & The Razorblades, St. John Green, Lance Romance, Jimmy Jukebox, Frankenstein & The All Girl Monster Band, Modern Lovers, Gram Parsons, etc. etc. etc.
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“So What?” you might say. Can Kim Fowley write a book that a reader can’t put down? Of course he can. KVF= Kim Vincent Fowley. He has sold Creative Contributions of Music & Movies, in 110 Countries Of The World. For over 50 years. The pages of LORD OF GARBAGE contain the Confessions of a Madman. In luxurious Prose, & dynamite poetry. Combining both Literary Disciplines, in a Book Format First. Kim Fowley is NOT a nice guy. But, he wrote 3 separate books that are more interesting than he is. Completed & turned into the Executive Offices of Kicks Books… covered in Blood, Pain, & Tears.
Don’t invite Kim to any of your Holiday Parties. He is no fun in a Polite Society Situation. He’s not good company, but his books will be, if you’re Empty, Bored, or Insanely Curious. KVF Wrote this PR Announcement. Nobody, can put words in Kim Fowley’s Mouth. Once a Control Freak/ Always a Control Freak.
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