14 August 2013


KICKS BOOKS is an independent publisher based in Brooklyn NY, whose "hip pocket paperback" line reflects the pulp obsessions of its founders.

The rock n' roll and popular culture magazine Kicks  was started by Billy Miller and Miriam Linna in 1979 and ran for seven book-length issues. An oversized  photo book documenting the rock & roll work of Charlton and Good Publications chief photographer Eddie Rocco was  published as the first the Kicks book. Now, the pocket paperback line is taking center stage.

Kicks Books are presented as paperback "talls" -- Signet-sized pocketbooks designed to slide easily into the hip pocket of one's jeans. The concept is affordable, portable, uniquely different fiction, biography, and poetry, presented attractively as bound printed matter, running the gamut of literary excellence.

Each paperback is also issued in a limited boxed edition, and a promotional perfume for each book is also available as supply allows.

Print Kicks books are available HERE.

Kicks Books is currently home to authors Andre Williams, Sun Ra, Harlan Ellison, Kim Fowley, Royston Ellis, and Charles Plymell, and is working with Randy Fuller and Steve Cannon on soon to be scheduled books.

Kicks Kindle ebooks will debut August 20th. Pre-orders are available now. Please search Amazon.com's Kindle selections by title and author.

Rumor has it that Kicks Books will move to adding a larger format to its realm. This will not affect its publication schedule of its iconic "hip pocket paperbacks". Stay tuned to stay on top of news from the little paperback house with the biggest books in pulpdom.