09 April 2014

Royston Ellis Series Launches with SWEET EBONY!

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Royston Ellis... beat rogue!
Kicks Books is on the move as British beat bad boy ROYSTON ELLIS of GONE MAN SQUARED fame inaugurates the new Kicks Books Blue Series of bold, larger format books- set for publication as paperbacks and Kindle e-books every month!
Ellis delivers twelve titles, beginning with the hot-blooded novel, SWEET EBONY, which takes us on a wild ride with four free-thinking women who travel to Kenya on the ultimate adventure. Set in the swinging 1970's, Ellis tramples 50 SHADES OF GREY as only someone who once spent the night with both John Lennon and Polythene Pam can. Imagine Ron Haydock, Ed Wood, and Nik Cohn on a lost weekend, then take out the fluff and add a whole lot of extra spicy nutter-- somewhere therein lies the
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Sweet Ebony signature fragrance
exotic mayhem of the always trend-bashing, forever shock-a-blocking ROYSTON ELLIS. His luscious SWEET EBONY tackles the "adults-only" market as only the inventor of "rocketry" could, as only the in-the-flesh PAPERBACK WRITER would, as only one of London's All-Time Top Ten Teenage Rebels can.

Watch for RUSH AT THE END next month, which takes us deeper into the restless heart of Britain's beatiest, meatiest author, ROYSTON ELLIS-- to the thrill-seeking pastel paradise pantheon of KICKS LAVENDER BLUE!
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SWEET EBONY is available at kicksbooks.com
and at amazon.com
Immediate gratification via Kindle ebook!