16 September 2013



Dateline: Kicksville ... HELL HAS FROZEN OVER!

Great shakin' fever- can it be -- Kicks Books appearing instantly on your space age electronic reader? Would Nostrodamus have dared to predict such an event? Is this now the end of our beautiful analog world? Not if we can help it! In fact, we're counting on the Kindle editions luring in the curious, and snapping them into our lair of our "hip pocket paperbacks". Read them on the fly when the mood strikes, and then order up the real deal, which will arrive in a plain brown wrapper, printed with ink on paper, on noisy gear-driven presses that run day in and day out, printing, trimming, binding.. just so that your hip pocket mind stays well greased and churning. Get your Kindle Kicks now... then learn the joy of anticipation, knowing that a flippable hip pocket edition is finding its way to you via the miracle of the US Postal Service. Kindle + Kicks = a double shot of inimitable originals at word warp speed!
GONE MAN SQUARED by Royston Ellis

Royston Ellis was THE paperback writer- the rockin' rhymer who set the big BEAT in motion in the UK!
PULLING A TRAIN by Harlan Ellison
The rarest, wildest, and most genre-bustin' street fiction from the king of them all!
GETTING IN THE WIND by Harlan Ellison
The switchblade sister to PULLING A TRAIN- an irresistably savage dead end blast of early short stories!
Never published doomsday poems from our favorite Saturn-fueled genius!
SWEETS by Andre Williams Here's the book that started the Kicks kingdom of hip pocket paperbacks rolling- semi-sweet morsels of streetwise raunch stewed into one massive novel plus poems and prose sure to set the wires afire!
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