12 April 2010

2/11/10 SWEETS spawns BAIT & SWITCH

"Better than Smell Good!" exclaims author Andre Williams, announcing his perfume BAIT & SWITCH, due out on Valentines Day. The original fragrance, first planned as a limited promotional tie-in with local readings of his book "Sweets", was such a hit that Andre decided to make it available to the general population.

AOL Spinner was the first to break the news worldwide. Read on...

BAIT & SWITCH PERFUME by Andre Williams One precious half ounce conjures up fleeting images from Sweetsville... from the hot summer streets of Chicago, to the hazy raunch of a Texas cathouse, to the smoky drama of a New Orleans fortune teller's salon, to the rose covered rooms of a mortuary. Cotton-padded collectors box contains bottle of perfume and commemorative miniature plastic switchblade.

available now at http://www.nortonrecords.com/sweets.html