10 November 2014


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I FOUGHT THE LAW: The Life and Strange Death of Bobby Fuller
by Randell Fuller & Miriam Linna. Kicks Books is thrilled to announce the publication of I FOUGHT THE LAW! Bobby Fuller’s brother (and bandmate) tells all he knows in this long awaited first authorized biography of Texas legend Bobby Fuller, whose death by gasoline in 1966 remains a puzzle. A coterie of original players in the story are set to read, tell stories and field questions at the library! Also reading will be Kicks Books author Tiger Moody, whose foreword graces I.F.T.L. Meet & greet /signing to follow!
Jeff Market Library
Pick up the book and all Kicks titles at this special night out at historic Jefferson Market Library- the site of the old Women’s Prison Court House!
Jefferson Market Library NYPL 425 Sixth Ave at 10th St NYC
Free admission Doors 7 PM reading 7:30
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Join us at the Bell House in Brooklyn the following night as Randy and original Bobby Fuller Four drummer Dewayne Quirico join forces with Deke Dickerson and Sam Elwitt on this auspicious occasion! Tons of rocking' stars about on thisNORTON RECORDS HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR 2014!

22 April 2014

Prophetika- Sun Ra Book Launch Friday April 25 NYC

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In this centennial of Sun Ra's birth, Kicks Books delivers a new collection of lost parables and polemics. PROPHETIKA will be the tenth title from Brooklyn's unsinkable KICKS BOOKS COMPANY, which went underwater in Hurricane Sandy. All of its titles, which include works by Andre Williams, Nick Tosches, Harlan Ellison, Royston   Ellis, Kim Fowley and Charles Plymell, are back in print!


Kicks Owl
Kicks "Owl" Tote available now!
THE OWL has indeed landed... our new mascot arrives via our first-ever Kicks Books book bag, just in time for our big bash on April 25 at THE POETRY PROJECT at historic ST MARKS CHURCH IN-THE-BOWERY.. celebrating the publication of PROPHETIKA, an apocalyptic array of unpublished Sun Ra poems and polemics, timed to preview during the Grand Cardinal Cross and to coincide with with this month's solar eclipse.. all heralding Sun Ra's birth centennial... articulating the goods at the book launch will be beat poet king
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CHARLES PLYMELL of BENZEDRINE HIGHWAY fame, Sun Ra disciple/ rhythm & blues legend BARRENCE WHITFIELD, bi-coastal author / DJ/ saxophone stylist PHAST PHREDDIE, Detroit's destructo-guitar god MICK COLLINS of the GORIES and the DIRT BOMBS (who will leave his axe at home and go for an all-out oratory instead)... and "space" theremin- wielding Mike Edison who will make and break the mood as required, and pontificate at will...
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... and perfume will be available at the reading which will be followed by an all-niter at Jonathan Toubin's SHAKIN ALL OVER UNDER SIDEWAYS DOWN stomp at Home Sweet Home, 131 Chrystie Street... join the pilgrimage over to Home Sweet Home, as Charles, Phreddie, Mick, Mike, Barrence and the Kicks krew spin outta site outer space dance floor
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rompers and stompers in the basement while the Saturn Room upstairs will provide a heavenly haven for snugglers and stargazers... CHARLES PLYMELL's birthday arrives at midnite, so causes for celebration shall multiply... THE ROYSTON ELLIS monthly series is off to the races with our format-busting SWEET EBONY in the new KICKS Big Book BLUE series.. you heard right.. a book a month for a year... watch for May publication RUSH AT THE END by Royston Ellis.. from Kicks Big Books LAVENDER BLUE.. genre busting, gender bending ... hard-edged and harder bitten... that's Ellis in a nutshell... and yes, limited fragrances are concocted for each book in the series...pick up some scents for mothers day and start your fragrance collection while you can... the ink is dry
Mike Edison, Charles Plymell, Mick Collins, Phast Phreddie
on our agreement to publish WHEN PIMPS WERE KING as a he/she duo, a year in the life of a pimp... circa 1970... true story diary style combo... half pimp... half prostie... the pair is due for Kicks Books Blue series this summer... all roads now lead to our year end Kicks Books 5th anniversary... which will ignite with the anticipated publication of I FOUGHT THE LAW, the authorized biography of Bobby Fuller by Miriam Linna and Bobby's brother Randy Fuller. Fuller's musical legacy comes to the printed page with four wheels burning... details follow on all counts... STAY YE TUNED.. and see you at St. Marks Church and Home Sweet Home on April 25!


What: SUN RA CENTENNIAL! Kicks Books and The Poetry Project present the PROPHETIKA book launch with all nite dance to follow at Home Sweet Home hosted by Jonathan Toubin and Shakin All Over Under Sideways Down!
When: Friday April 25
Where: St Marks Church on the Bowery, 131 E. 10th Street NYC and after-prance is at 131 Chrystie Street NYC
Time: Doors 10 PM, event begins 10:20 sharp
What: Rants, raves and readings from Charles Plymell, Mick Collins, Phast Phreddie, Barrence Whitfield, and Mike Edison with occasional noise from the space theremin and the Phast sax. First availability of books and perfume.
Followed by: All night celebration with Sun Ra superfan Jonathan Toubin and crew at Home Sweet Home!
Join luminaries Barrence Whitfield, Phast Phreddie Boogaloo Omnibus, Mike Edison, Mick Collins, and CHARLES PLYMELL as they read the secret screeds-- long lost unseen pronouncements of doom and rancor from the Sun one. Hear, heed, read and then join the Jonathan Toubin brigade all nite Sun Ra dance-o-thon at Home Sweet Home ... from 131 E. 10th Street to 131 Chrystie Street... let the interconstellational Cardinal Grand Cross mayhem BEGIN!


09 April 2014

Royston Ellis Series Launches with SWEET EBONY!

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kbb1 Sweet Ebony-1
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Royston Ellis... beat rogue!
Kicks Books is on the move as British beat bad boy ROYSTON ELLIS of GONE MAN SQUARED fame inaugurates the new Kicks Books Blue Series of bold, larger format books- set for publication as paperbacks and Kindle e-books every month!
Ellis delivers twelve titles, beginning with the hot-blooded novel, SWEET EBONY, which takes us on a wild ride with four free-thinking women who travel to Kenya on the ultimate adventure. Set in the swinging 1970's, Ellis tramples 50 SHADES OF GREY as only someone who once spent the night with both John Lennon and Polythene Pam can. Imagine Ron Haydock, Ed Wood, and Nik Cohn on a lost weekend, then take out the fluff and add a whole lot of extra spicy nutter-- somewhere therein lies the
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Sweet Ebony signature fragrance
exotic mayhem of the always trend-bashing, forever shock-a-blocking ROYSTON ELLIS. His luscious SWEET EBONY tackles the "adults-only" market as only the inventor of "rocketry" could, as only the in-the-flesh PAPERBACK WRITER would, as only one of London's All-Time Top Ten Teenage Rebels can.

Watch for RUSH AT THE END next month, which takes us deeper into the restless heart of Britain's beatiest, meatiest author, ROYSTON ELLIS-- to the thrill-seeking pastel paradise pantheon of KICKS LAVENDER BLUE!
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SWEET EBONY is available at kicksbooks.com
and at amazon.com
Immediate gratification via Kindle ebook!

19 October 2013


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Join the Kicks Books crew in celebrating the publication of BENZEDRINE HIGHWAY by America's last standing, guns-blazing, full throttle roadmaster versificator Charles Plymell at a very special evening at NYC’s historic Jefferson Market Library NYPL on Friday, November 8, at 7:30 PM.
425 Sixth Avenue, NYC (at 10th Street)!
Gerard Malanga
Charles Plymell will be introduced by his friend, fellow legend, poet, artist, and photographer, Gerard Malanga, who's been there and back. We're gassed to have him aboard.
Admission to this event is free to the public. Books will be available for purchase. Come meet Charles and Gerard!
Poet/author/artist/small press publisher (legend!) Charles Plymellroared out of Kansas with tires blazing while the Beat scene was still in training wheels. Weaned on jump blues, true grit and Dr. Gimmy Gommy’s Goodies, Plymell redefined the fast track with blunt force, map zap and brute strength forged of desperation and attitude.
Born on the high plains in Finney County, Kansas in 1935 in a converted chicken coop during one of the blackest dust storms of the day, he would spend his sprouting years kicking up even more sand. His father was a cowboy born in the Oklahoma Territory; his mother was of Plains Indian descent. Life on the loose held more appeal than classrooms for young Charles, who dropped out after ninth grade. He worked at various laboring jobs throughout the western states, then racing the highway between Los Angeles and Kansas City during his hipster years, stoked on hillbilly howls and race music-- R&B, blues, and jazz.
Charles Plymell lived in San Francisco in the early 1960’s, sharing a house with Allen Ginsberg and Neal Cassady. His writings from this period were published in his first book APOCALYPSE ROSE, which appears complete in BENZEDRINE HIGHWAY, along with his killer roadmaster autobio THE LAST OF THE MOCASSINS.
Plymell raised a lifelong ruckus with a wild bunch that included friends Ginsberg, Cassady, William S. Burroughs, and Jack Kerouac-- and a cast of thousands.
KB8 Plymell cover
Charles Plymell eventually settled in upstate New York. He has published, printed, and designed umpteen underground magazines and books with his wife Pamela Beach. He put Ray Bremser and Herbert Hunke, whom he identified with from the hipster 1950s, into print, and was influential in the underground comix scene, establishing artists such as Robert Crumb and S. Clay Wilson, whom he first published in Lawrence, Kansas. Plymell was the first printer of Robert Crumb's Zap Comix.
Charles Plymell opposes the National Endowment for the Arts and has criticized it in print, claiming it has become a politicized, unjust system feeding on its own mediocrity and self-contradiction. His views were mentioned in the New York Times in "Notes on People" and again in "Washington Talk". He was subsequently blacklisted and has never received any funding from any federal, state, or academic agency to pursue his creativity.


RADIO BALLYHOO! Dig honkin' rhythm & blues sounds "Picked By Plymell" as he chats live with Fool's Paradise Show host Rex and the Kicks/Norton crew at WFMU on Saturday Oct. 26. The show begins at 1 PM (EST), and Charles is scheduled for a 2 PM call-in. We are EXCITED! Tune in for this segment -- direct from the Wichita Vortex!
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Kicks Books is the world's only publisher to issue a fragrance with each book. Two fragrances are available for BENZEDRINE HIGHWAY . LOSER represents LAST OF THE MOCASSINS and is aimed for gents. The fragrance, APOCALPYSE ROSE is available in four different floral packages for the ladies, one for every mood.
Kicks Books now presents BENZEDRINE HIGHWAY, which includes the first ever republication of Plymell’s long out of print first book of poetry, APOCALYPSE ROSE, his first prose book, LAST OF THE MOCASSINS, and a new autobiographical introduction which speeds you into the wild world of Charles Plymell where his words warp one’s horizontal, and stand one’s vertical on its pointed little head.
Benzedrine Highway is published by Kicks Books, Box 646 Cooper Station, NYC 10276

For further information, kindly contact Paige Turner at Kicks Books headquarters.
kicksbooks.com • (917) 671-7884

Also by Charles Plymell:
Apocalypse Rose, Dave Haselwood Books, San Francisco, CA, 1966. Neon Poems, Atom Mind Publications, Syracuse, NY, 1970. The Last of the Moccasins, City Lights Books, San Francisco, CA, 1971; Mother Road Publications, 1996. Moccasins Ein Beat-Kaleidoskop, Europa Verlag, Vienna, Austria, 1980. Over the Stage of Kansas, Telephone Books, NYC, 1973. The Trashing of America, Kulchur Foundation, NYC, 1975. Blue Orchid Numero Uno, Telephone Books, 1977. Panik in Dodge City, Expanded Media Editions, Bonn, W. Germany, 1981. Forever Wider, 1954-1984, Scarecrow Press, Metuchen, NJ, 1985. Was Poe Afraid?, Bogg Publications, Arlington, VA, 1990. Hand on the Doorknob, Water Row Books, Sudbury, MA, 2000; Some Mother’s Sons, Cherry Valley Editions, Cherry Valley, NY, 2005; Mindeater, Verlag Peter Engstler, Germany, 2009; Eat Not Thy Mind, Glass Eye Books/Peace Eye Library, Northampton, MA 2010

16 September 2013